Gregory Van Der Wiel and Ste Bertram Rose?

A person has messaged me on tumblr (who wants to remain anon) to say they believe that Gregory Van Der Wiel is currently dating the BEAUTIFUL Ste Bertram Rose (Sorry if I spelt that incorrectly). So here’s some information on the gorgeous girl and possible latest wag!

  • She is a model and is signed to agents in New York, Paris, etc
  • She is originally from Belgium, but I believe that she lived in The Netherlands earlier this year
  • She has been seen hanging out with many celebrities, including Tyler the creator and Rihanna!
  • I believe that she is turning 19 this month, however I am not certain
  • She is currently living back in Belgium, however she travels on a regular basis for her job
  • She seems to work extremely hard to do well in her career, so I have a lot of respect for her

I am not sure if the couple is truly together, however there were rumours last year that they were together after this picture was seen of them together in Paris.

If they are together, I wish them to best of luck! xoimage


Anonymous:  Lorena Lopez is 21, Tello posted a picture of her and her birthday cake on her birthday ! Between congratulations to them !

Ah thank you very much anon! Yes indeed congratulations to them, I wish the baby the best possible life!

Does anyone know how old lorena lopez is?


Anonymous:  Hii!Do u know if Viktor Fischer has got a GF?

Hey there! Honestly I am not sure, but I know that he did have a girlfriend when he signed for ajax..sadly I have no information regarding whether they are still together or not, sorry! x

Anonymous:  Fangirls like you make me really angry. Yes, Leon is a goodlooking guy but that's NOT what it's all about okay!? It's about his performances on the pitch and nothing else! Everything else ain't nobody's business but his'!!
  • If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them.
  • If you don’t like my blog, don’t go on it.
  • I never said he wasn’t a good player, he’s an amazing footballer.
  • I didn’t mention his appearance AT ALL. I meant how could you not fall in love with him because 1. He’s extremely talented 2. He’s German and 3. He seems like a nice person. Yes the fact that he is quite attractive is beneficial also, but I never mentioned that.

I run a blog that shows appreciation for the players partners and I have received a number of questions asking whether Leon in particular has a girlfriend or not, that’s why I put the post up.

Again, if you don’t like my posts simply don’t read them. Don’t be a total bitch to me over absolutely nothing.